Effective Altruism UNSW

Effective altruism is all about combining empathy, reason and evidence. By carefully considering what we value, and by working together to find the best ways of achieving that, we can each do an amazing amount of good. Effective Altruism UNSW was started in recognition of this opportunity and comprises a passionate, intelligent and cohesive member base grappling with the question 'how can I do the most amount of good?'

If you'd like to talk to someone local about any aspect of it - whether by email or over a coffee - email info@eaunsw.org

Regular meetup details: 

We meetup around once a month for either a social event, or to do one of our hackathons. 

Donations made or influenced by the group: 
AmountToWhenAny details (e.g. who donated)
$57AMFMarch '15O Week Giving Games 2015
$50SCIMarch '15O Week Giving Games 2015
$38GiveDirectlyMarch '15O Week Giving Games 2015