Effective Altruism Society: Warwick

We are an Effective Altruism Society based at the University of Warwick. We have frequent events and socials every term to which all are welcome! For info on our latest events, see our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EffectiveAltruismWarwick or contact Tom Bain -https://www.facebook.com/tom.bain.148, t.bain@warwick.ac.uk

Effective altruism is about using evidence and reason to find out how to help others. If you'd like to talk to someone local about any aspect of it - whether by email or over a coffee - email eawarwick@effectivealtruismhub.com

United Kingdom
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The Duck, University of Warwick Campus, Every Friday at 5pm. Message Tom if you're interested in coming!

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