Effective Altruism Netherlands

We are working on professionalizing the movement in the Netherlands and will soon launch as an official (legal) organization.

If you live in the Netherlands and want to learn more or get involved, be sure to check out the local chapters: they have already been established in AmsterdamRotterdam, GroningenMaastricht, and Nijmegen and there are currently plans for starting chapters in Eindhoven and Enschede as well. 

Also, check out our national Facebook group to stay updated on developments and events, and please let us know if you have any questions or ideas (or if you just want to get in touch) via effectiefaltruisme@gmail.com

We'd love to meet you soon, and to work together on trying to do good in the best way possible!

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Meetups are regularly organized throughout the Netherlands. Check the (facebook) pages of the local chapters to find out about the next one near you!

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