Effective Altruism Brighton

Welcome to Effective Altruism and Giving What We Can Brighton.  

Effective Altruism is about using rationality and reason to make the most difference in the world that we can.

What causes should we support?

There are thousands of worthy causes and difficult issues in the world.  If we had the money to tackle all of those issues we would.  Currently we don't have enough money but the more people we can encourage to donate the more people we can help.

It's easy to get overwhelmed and feel that the problems are too infinite to ever tackle.  But we can make a huge difference to so many people's lives. We just need to make a choice; with the resources we've got, where do we want to help?

Three main aims for Brighton

Currently our Brighton group focuses on three main areas:

1) Encouraging everyone to give to more effective charities

Some charities do 1000 x more good with your donations than others.  If we pick the best ones to donate to we can have a huge impact in the world.

2) Encouraging others to give or raise more

Currently the world spend more on icecream than it would cost to provide education, sanitation and healthcare for everyone in the world..   

More people donating more money more effectively could eradicate extreme poverty in our lifetimes.

Find out more about how we can end poverty on The Life You Can Save

3) Getting together to do more with our time.  

As a group of passionate altruists we don't just have the ability to give money but also time.  This might be lobbying for more effective aid, supporting a Climate March, fundraising for a top charity or volunteering at a homeless shelter.

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