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Effective Altruism Oxford is a student group based in Oxford University. We are dedicated to spreading the ideas of effective altruism: a growing movement that combines empathy with rigorous evidence and careful reasoning to work out how each person can do the most good with their lives.

As a student community our goal is to enable Oxford students to have massive positive impact on the world’s most pressing problems. To do this we are focusing on three main areas: informing students about effective altruism, creating learning opportunities for people to increase their impact, and fostering a friendly community of people who want to do good better.

If you'd like to get involved or just talk to us, please send an email to oxford@effectivealtruismhub.com or contact us via social media. We would love to hear from you!

United Kingdom
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We run events and meetups regularly during university term time. These include socials, discussion groups, talks, and activities. Follow us on Facebook for more information.

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Giving What We Can chapter
80,000 Hours chapter
Local Effective Altruism Network