Effective Altruist Groups

There is a large network of grassroots EA groups around the world. You may be interested in finding a group near you and attending one of its local meetups, or simply sending an email to ask any questions you have about effective altruism. If there are no groups near you, check out the map of effective altruists to find people near you who you can connect with, or get in touch to explore setting up a local presence - it can involve very minimal work to start with, and be quite high value.

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To find more resources and share your own with others working on local EA outreach, visit the EA Wiki page on local groups.

List of groups

Group City Country
Effective Altruism Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina
Effective Altruism Adelaide Adelaide Australia
The Life You Can Save, Adelaide Adelaide Australia
Effective Altruism Brisbane Brisbane Australia
EA University of Queensland Brisbane Australia
Effective Altruism ANU Canberra Australia
Effective Altruism Canberra Canberra Australia
EA Melbourne Melbourne Australia
TLYCS Melbourne Melbourne Australia
Effective Altruism Perth Perth Australia
EA Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Australia
GWWC Sydney Sydney Australia
Effective Altruism USYD Sydney Australia
Effective Altruism Macquarie University Sydney Australia
Effective Altruism UNSW Sydney Australia
EA Sydney Sydney Australia
Effective Altruism: Tasmania Tasmania Australia
The Life You Can Save, Townsville Townsville Australia
Effektiver Altruismus Graz Graz Austria
Effektiver Altruismus Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Effektiver Altruismus Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Effektiver Altruismus Wien Vienna Austria
EA Dhaka Dhaka Bangladesh
EA Minsk Minsk Belarus
Effective Altruism Flanders Antwerp Belgium
Effective Altruism Brussels Brussels Belgium
Effectief Altruïsme: KU Leuven Leuven Belgium
EA Sarajevo Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
TLYCS Brazil Belo Horizonte Brazil
Effective Altruism: Campo Grande Campo Grande Brazil
Effective Altruism Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil
IERFH.org São Paulo Brazil
Altruísmo Eficaz - São Paulo São Paulo Brazil
Altruísmo Eficaz USP São Paulo Brazil
Ефективен Алтруизъм България Sofia Bulgaria
EA Cameroon Bamenda Cameroon
Effective Altruism SFU Burnaby Canada
Effective Altruism Calgary Calgary Canada
EA Edmonton Edmonton Canada
Hamilton Effective Altruism Hamilton, Ontario Canada
EA Kingston Kingston Canada
Altruistes efficaces de l'UdeM Montreal Canada
Montreal Effective Altruism Montreal Canada
Effective Altruists at McGill Montreal Canada
EA Ottawa Ottawa Canada
Altruisme Efficace Québec Québec Canada
Altruisme Efficace Ville de Quebec Quebec Canada
EA Saskatoon Saskatoon Canada
EA Spruce Grove Spruce Grove Canada
Effective Altruism: Sudbury Sudbury Canada
EA Toronto Toronto Canada
Vancouver EA Vancouver Canada
UBC Effective Altruism Vancouver Canada
EA Capilano University Vancouver Canada
Effective Altruism Waterloo Waterloo Canada
EA Winnipeg Winnipeg Canada
Effective Altruism Beijing Beijing China
Effective Altruism Hong Kong Hong Kong China
Effective Altruism Shanghai Shanghai China
Altruismo eficaz: Colombia Bogotá Colombia
EA Manizales Manizales Colombia
Effective Altruism La Habana La Habana Cuba
Effective Altruism: Cyprus Limassol Cyprus
Efektivní Altruisté Praha (Spolek pro efektivní altruismus) Prague Czech Republic
EA Aarhus Aarhus Denmark
EA DTU (Technical University of Denmark) Copenhagen Denmark
Effective Altruism Denmark Copenhagen Denmark
Effective Altruism Cairo Cairo Egypt
EA Estonia Tallinn Estonia
EA Fiji Suva Fiji
Effective Altruism Helsinki Helsinki Finland
EA Kokkola Kokkola Finland
Effective Altruism Dijon Dijon France
Effective Altruism Lyon Lyon France
Effective Altruism: Nice Nice France
Effective Altruism Paris Paris France
Effective Altruism Tbilisi Tbilisi Georgia
Effektiver Altruismus Duisburg Duisburg Germany
Effective Altruism Aachen Aachen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Bayreuth Bayreuth Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Berlin Berlin Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Bonn Bonn Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Bremen Bremen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Dresden Dresden Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Germany
Effective Altruism Erlangen Erlangen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Nürnberg-Erlangen Erlangen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Ruhrgebiet Essen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Freiburg Freiburg Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Göttingen Göttingen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Greifswald Greifswald Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Hannover Hannover Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Jena Jena Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Kiel Kiel Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Köln Köln Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Leipzig Leipzig Germany
Effektiver Altruismus: Lüneburg Lüneburg Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Magdeburg Magdeburg Germany
Effektiver Altruismus München Munich Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Münster Münster Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Osnabrück Osnabrück Germany
Effective Altruism Potsdam Potsdam Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Tübingen Tübingen Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Ulm Ulm Germany
Effektiver Altruismus Würzburg Würzburg Germany
EA Athens Athens Greece
Effective Altruism Haïti Cap-Haïtien Haiti
Effective Altruism: Hungary Budapest Hungary
Effective Altruism Bangalore Bangalore India
EA Bangalore Bangalore India
EA Hyderabad Hyderabad India
Effective Altruism India Mumbai India
EA New Delhi New Delhi India
EA Pune Pune India
EA Ireland Ireland
Effective Altruism: Cork Cork Ireland
Giving What We Can: Dublin Dublin Ireland
EA Douglas Douglas Isle of Man
Effective Altruism Israel Israel
Altruismo Efficace Bologna Bologna Italy
Altruismo Efficace Italia Milano Italy
EA Pescara Pescara Italy
EA Trento Trento Italy
EA Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Effective Altruism Amman Amman Jordan
EA Kisumu Kisumu Kenya
EA Nairobi Nairobi Kenya
Effective Altruism Latvia Riga Latvia
Effective Altruism: Lebanon Beirut Lebanon
Effective Altruism Beirut Beirut Lebanon
Efektyvus altruizmas Lietuvoje Vilnius Lithuania
EA Dudelange Dudelange Luxembourg
Effective Altruism Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Effective Altruism Malta Malta
Altruismo Eficaz México Ciudad de México Mexico
EA Puerto Escondido Puerto Escondido Mexico
EA Tijuana Tijuana Mexico
EA Torreon Torreon Mexico
Effective Altruism Morocco Casablanca Morocco
Effective Altruism University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Effective Altruism Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Effective Altruism Groningen Groningen Netherlands
EA Rotterdam Rotterdam Netherlands
EA Brabant Tilburg Netherlands
Effective Altruism Netherlands Utrecht Netherlands
EA New Zealand Auckland New Zealand
Effective Altruism Christchurch Christchurch New Zealand
Effective Altruism Palmerston North Palmerston North New Zealand
EA Wellington Wellington New Zealand
Effective Altruism: Nicaragua Nicaragua
EA Lagos Lagos Nigeria
Effective Altruism University of Oslo Oslo Norway
EA Tromso Tromso Norway
Effektiv Altruisme NTNU Trondheim Norway
EA Pakistan Islamabad Pakistan
EA Lima Lima Peru
Effective Altruism Manila Manila Philippines
±dobro Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Trojmiasto Gdansk Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Slask Katowice Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Krakow Krakow Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Lodz Lodz Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Poznan Poznan Poland
EA Siedlce Siedlce Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Szczecin Szczecin Poland
EA Warsaw Warsaw Poland
Efektywny Altruizm Wroclaw Wroclaw Poland
EA Lisbon Lisbon Portugal
EA Portugal Porto Portugal
EA Bucharest Bucharest Romania
Effective Altruism Russia Moscow Russia
Effective Altruism Москва Moscow Russia
Effective Altruism St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Russia
EA Novi Sad Novi Sad Serbia
TLYCS/Global SEnSE - South East Asia Singapore
Effective Altruism Singapore Singapore Singapore
EA Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia
EA Slovakia Bratislava Slovakia
Effective Altruism: Cape Town Cape Town South Africa
EA UCT Cape Town South Africa
Effective Altruism: Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa
EA Seoul National University Seoul South Korea
Effective Altruism South Korea Seoul South Korea
Effective Altruism Barcelona Barcelona Spain
Effective Altruism Madrid Madrid Spain
Effective Altruism Valencia Valencia Spain
EA Colombo Colombo Sri Lanka
EA United World College of Southern Africa Mbabane Swaziland
Effective Altruism Göteborg Göteborg Sweden
EA Karlstad Karlstad Sweden
EA Lund Lund Sweden
EA Pitea Pitea Sweden
Effective Altruism Stockholm Stockholm Sweden
Effective Altruism Uppsala Uppsala Sweden
Effective Altruism Foundation Basel Switzerland
Effektiver Altruismus Basel Basel Switzerland
Effektiver Altruismus Bern Bern Switzerland
Effective Altruism Geneva Geneva Switzerland
Effektiver Altruismus St. Gallen St. Gallen Switzerland
Effektiver Altruismus Zürich Zürich Switzerland
Effective Altruism Taiwan Taipei Taiwan
Effective Altruism Thailand Thailand
Effective Altruism Turkey Istanbul Turkey
Effective Altruism: NYU Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
EA Dubai Dubai United Arab Emirates
EA Aberdeen Aberdeen United Kingdom
GWWC Belfast Belfast United Kingdom
GWWC Birmingham Birmingham United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Brighton Brighton United Kingdom
EA University of Sussex Brighton United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Bristol Bristol United Kingdom
GWWC Cambridge Cambridge United Kingdom
Cambridge 80,000 Hours chapter Cambridge United Kingdom
Cardiff Uni Effective Altruists Society Cardiff United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Durham Durham United Kingdom
GWWC Edinburgh Edinburgh United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Exeter University Exeter United Kingdom
Effective Altruists: Exeter Exeter United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Glasgow Glasgow United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Guildford Guildford United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Hertfordshire Hertfordshire United Kingdom
Effective Altruism: Ipswich Ipswich United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Leeds Leeds United Kingdom
EA Imperial London United Kingdom
London Effective Altruism London United Kingdom
Imperial College London 80,000 Hours chapter London United Kingdom
City, University of London Effective Altruism Society London United Kingdom
UCL Effective Altruism London United Kingdom
LSE Effective Altruism London United Kingdom
Giving What We Can: Manchester Manchester United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Newcastle Newcastle United Kingdom
Effective Altruism North East North East United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Norfolk Norwich United Kingdom
Effective Altruism UEA Norwich United Kingdom
EA Nottingham Nottingham United Kingdom
EA Oxford Oxford United Kingdom
TLYCS Scunthorpe Scunthorpe United Kingdom
GWWC Sheffield Sheffield United Kingdom
Effective Altruism South Bucks South Bucks United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Southampton Southampton United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Society: Warwick Warwick United Kingdom
Effective Altruism: York York United Kingdom
Effective Altruism Albany Albany NY United States
Albuquerque Effective Altruism and LessWrong Meetup Albuquerque United States
Effective Altruism Western Mass Amherst United States
Effective Altruism Ann Arbor Ann Arbor United States
EA University of Michigan Ann Arbor United States
Effective Altruism Asheville Asheville United States
Effective Altruism Atlanta Atlanta United States
Effective Altruism Austin Austin United States
EA Johns Hopkins Baltimore United States
Effective Altruism Berkeley Berkeley United States
Berkeley Rationality and Effective Altruism Community Hub Berkeley United States
EA Indiana University Bloomington United States
Boston EA Boston United States
Effective Altruism Burlington Burlington, VT United States
EA Mountain View California United States
EA MIT Sloan Cambridge United States
Effective Altruism MIT Cambridge, MA United States
Harvard Effective Altruism Cambridge, MA United States
Effective Altruism UNC at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill United States
EA Charlotte Charlotte United States
Effective Altruism Central Virginia Charlottesville, VA United States
UChicago Effective Altruism Chicago United States
EA Chicago Chicago United States
Clemson EA Clemson United States
Effective Altruism: University of Maryland College Park, MD United States
Effective Altruism Texas A&M University College Station United States
EA Columbia Columbia United States
Effective Altruism Columbus Columbus United States
Effective Altruism Ohio State University Columbus United States
Effective Altruism Cornell Cornell United States
Effective Altruism Dallas Dallas United States
Effective Altruism Colorado Denver United States
EA Detroit Detroit United States
NC Effective Altruists Durham, NC United States
Duke Effective Altruism Durham, NC United States
EA Eastern Indiana Eastern Indiana United States
EA Enid Enid United States
EA Eugene Eugene United States
Effective Altruism: Eureka Eureka, CA United States
Effective Altruism Northwest Arkansas Fayetteville, AR United States
TLYCS Fort Myers Fort Myers, FL United States
Grinnell EA Grinnell United States
Effective Altruism: Hamilton Hamilton NY United States
Haverford Effective Altruism Haverford United States
Effective Altruism: Northwest Indiana Hobart United States
Effective Altruism Houston Houston United States
Effective Altruism University of Houston Houston United States
EA West Virginia Huntington United States
Effective Altruism: Indianapolis Indianapolis United States
Effective Altruism Orange County Irvine United States
Cornell Effective Altruism Ithaca United States
KC Metro GWWC Kansas City United States
Effective Altruism Knoxville Knoxville, TN United States
Effective Altruism Las Vegas Las Vegas United States
EA Little Rock Little Rock United States
Effective Altruism: Long Island Long Island United States
Effective Altruism Los Angeles Los Angeles United States
Effective Altruism University of Southern California Los Angeles United States
EA Louisville Louisville United States
EA University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison United States
Effective Altruism Madison Madison, WI United States
Epic Effective Altruists Madison, Wisconsin United States
EA Miami Miami United States
Effective Altruism Milwaukee Milwaukee United States
Effective Altruism Twin Cities Minneapolis United States
Effective Altruism: MSU Morehead United States
Effective Altruism University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho United States
EA Nashville Nashville United States
GWWC Rutgers New Brunswick, NJ United States
Tulane Effective Altruism New Orleans, LA United States
Effective Altruism NYC New York United States
NYU Effective Altruism New York United States
Hunter Effective Altruism New York City United States
EA Newburgh Newburgh United States
Effective Altruism Central Oklahoma Norman United States
Effective Altruism - Laney College Oakland United States
Effective Altruism Oberlin College Oberlin College United States
Olympia Effective Altruists Olympia United States
Effective Altruism: Omaha Omaha United States
EA Palm Desert Palm Desert United States
One for the World Wharton Philadelphia United States
EA Philadelphia Philadelphia United States
Giving What We Can: Penn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Effective Altruism Phoenix Phoenix United States
Effective Altruism Pittsburgh Pittsburgh United States
Portland Effective Altruists Portland United States
Effective Altruism Portland Portland United States
GWWC Princeton Princeton United States
GWWC Brown University Providence United States
Effective Altruism Reno Reno United States
Effective Altruism Rochester Rochester United States
Effective Altruism Sacramento Sacramento United States
Effective Altruism: Salt Lake City Salt Lake City United States
Effective Altruism University of Utah Salt Lake City United States
EA San Antonio San Antonio United States
San Diego Effective Altruists San Diego United States
Effective Altruism Bay Area San Francisco United States
Bay Area Effective Altruists San Francisco United States
Effective Altruism San Jose San Jose, CA United States
Effective Altruism Cuesta College San Luis Obispo United States
EA UCSB Santa Barbara United States
EA Santa Cruz Santa Cruz United States
Effective Altruism: UC Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA United States
Effective Altruism Santa Fe Santa Fe, NM United States
Seattle Effective Altruists Seattle United States
EA Seneca Seneca United States
Effective Altruism Notre Dame South Bend United States
EA Central Illinois Split between Bloomington and Peoria United States
EA Ozarks Springfield United States
Stanford Effective Altruism Stanford, CA United States
Effective Altruism Swarthmore Swarthmore United States
EA Tallahassee Tallahassee United States
EA Tampa Tampa United States
EA Brandeis University Waltham County United States
Effective Altruism DC Washington DC United States
EA Waverly Waverly, Va United States
EA North Central Washington Wenatchee United States
Effective Altruism - Wooster Wooster United States
Effective Altruism Central Massachusetts Worcester, MA United States
EA Wynne, Arkansas Wynne United States
Yale Effective Altruists Yale United States
TLYCS Vietnam Vietnam