Join the EA Donation Registry: register your past or planned donations

You can join the EA Donation Registry by sharing either your past or planned donations; you can always add anything that you don't share now later. You're encouraged to share your donation plans for familiar reasons, including normalising and encouraging generous donations to some of the world's most effective charities. You can also use this as a gentle commitment device, although you can edit or delete your plans any time, as it's understood and expected that these will change - they can be provisional plans, rather than permanent pledges.

If you already have an EA Profile, it'd be best to add to or update your 'Donations' section on that, although you can also submit this form.

This lets you edit and update the information you share later
Your current donation plans
E.g. "5% of income" or "Everything over $30,000". Note that this plan need not be as certain as a pledge. For %s of income, use pre-tax income, as in the Giving What We Can pledge.
Donations that you've made
 CurrencyAmount (e.g. 123.45)RecipientWhen (e.g. 2014)
Add whichever past donations you'd like to share now. You can always add more later by submitting this form again, or editing your EA Profile.
This information is passed to ACE to help it track its impact
It's always helpful to show how much groups are collectively raising.
Last name